Totem Poles & other Large Art Creations

by Mike Olsen

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Metal Art

The Pacific Northwest is well known throughout the United States for its abundance of salmon. The fish depicted in this hand-hammered metal wall hanging signify the region.

Steel Salmon.jpg (50221 bytes)

Three steel salmon on painted wood background.

metal fish 2.jpg (93411 bytes)


Metal and wood combines two art media. The wood background gives warmth which accentuates the beauty of the metal sculpting. These three works again reflect the native aspect of fish in the Pacific Northwest.

The lower image is of a whale in a Native American Tradition.

2salmonx800.jpg (71976 bytes)
steelsalmon-wood-bkgndx800.jpg (72892 bytes)
woodAndMetal800xfish.jpg (73583 bytes)




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