Totem Poles & other Large Art Creations

by Mike Olsen

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Other Works

Dragon Art has become popular with some in our region. Perhaps it is the influence of many who have located to our area from the Orient. These two works show two commissioned works by Mike.

(You may view either image as a large photo by clicking on the image and using the back button to return here.)

dragon in woods.jpg (173559 bytes)
dragonx800.jpg (98636 bytes)

Garden Art wood work in garden 2.jpg (198325 bytes)
A beautiful combination of water and a totem pole. (View other totem pole works) part totem and water.jpg (158130 bytes)
Oriental Gong

bell-gongx800.jpg (106066 bytes)

Entry Way Table
"Mother and Child" A three-foot river rock sculpture.

river rock sculpture



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